15 diciembre, 2012

*Zambomba* new group gift in Kawala!!

Diviértete tocando la zambomba, tu y tus amigos por todo second life estas navidades, trae animación y sonido con varios villancicos de navidad, yo me he reído mucho al probarla jaja bueno espero que caigan muchos aguinaldos con esta zambomba ,  felices fiestas!!!!!

Zambomba have fun playing, you and your friends all over second life this Christmas, brings animation and sound with several Christmas songs, I've laughed a lot to prove, happy holidays!!

The ZAMBOMBA and the flamenco mass are the most authentic manifestations of the Andalusian Catholic celebration in Chritsmas.These zambombas are usually the work of an artesan, being a clay vessel covered with animal skin - usually goat - or some sort of thin material. In the center of the covering a long cane is secured which produces a deep sound when rubbed with the hand and this is what forms the rhythmic basis for the villancicos.  "little songs of the villages

  ZAMBOMBA* Free!!  new group gift in *Kawala*
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