29 mayo, 2013


Skin* WoW Skins *  Chanell Tan 05 CL* NEW!! she come with 4 skin tones, milk, tan, sunkissed and dark tan, for all the lovers of dark skin i made this last new tone. Also cleavage option, brow base, each skin include lolas and lush mesh breast applier, the shape is copy and modify, 6 different make ups to choose from. 
            Of course you can find the slink enhancement system as well, hands and feets appliers.

Hair  Analog Dog Hair  *tantrum house wine* free!!

Ouftit ~CandyMetal~ Chistie   #1(include:  boots jeans and top) Full Outfit with shoes (mesh) – L$ 70 this week in Acid Lily (26may -02 june)

Bracelet *ASO!  Kyoto Chirimen Wishlet (ALL) This products from...♔ WA kyouto ♔
(1 June - 30 June) [Japanese Blog]: http://projrctpandk.slmame.com
[English Blog]: http://projrctpandk.blogspot.jp/
Bracelet*  ASO! Moroccan Bracelet (town-multi) gold* unisex, 2type & 3colors(silver&gold)
*charm stone has 4colors(touch to change) for ♔ Mes Brics a Bracs ♔ (  1 - 30 June)

Pose: no wow
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