20 junio, 2013

*Kawala* Naima (leopard) GROUP GIFT ♥

Skin*  Hush *   Jenny - Bronzed - Honey (db)* NEW!!
Hair*  Emo-tions   * LEONA II* /black* free!! here--> Marketplace-Emo-tions
Outfit*  Kawala * Naima - Bellydance Costume (leopard) * free!! GROUP GIFT (free to join) include: Three tops : S, M  and a extra top resizable for other sizes and can be used with MESH breast Lolas tango or others kind.Three siren skirts : S, M, L
Jewelry Set : , Bangles, Armband and Necklace , which follow line of costume. enjoy!!

Belly piercing*Scorpion*   Phoebe ~Piercings & more~  69L$ this week in  Acid Lily (16-23june)

Facial Piercing Q8 ~Silver/11 Gems~  Phoebe ~Piercings & more~  55L$ this week in  Acid Lily (16-23june)

Poses:  No-wow

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