09 diciembre, 2013


Skin*  Poudre * Nina -free!!  Group Gift December - MM - 

Hair * ashbury oatmeal* free!!  Analog Dog Hair (look at inside blue ball in the beach) 

Winter Hat mesh (HUD) (150L$)(menu Resize)(menu color in the band and back of the glasses)
HUD with 6 nice designs but you can to remix ^.^ NEW!!   NS::

 Winter Sweater and Scarf *  SOLD SEPARATELY * NEW!! NS::

Snowy boots *Dots* Mag<3.B * NEW!! Snowy boots are warm , fluffy , and soft boots perfect for cold winder day!they comes in 5 version : DOTS , JEANS, KNIT, RUBY and GINGERBREAD.
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♥Kisses enjoy♥
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