20 mayo, 2015

Tashi in Unidos contra el Cancer♥

Skin*.::WoW Skins::.V2 Mary Darktan 01 CL*  NEW!!

Shape*Siriia*  .::Pléyades HQ Shapes::.  there's 15!! Shapes for Sale. 
Only 15 avatars will be able to wear this beautiful skin all unique and special in second life ;)

Earrings* .:Glow Designs:.Paris *Gold* 

Hair* no.match_ ~ NO_FAIL ~ Exclusive at  Cosmopolitan Sale Room

Dress*TASHI Karen*with a HUD and 3 color that are Peach to raise awareness about uterine cancer, teal to raise awareness about cervical cancer and pink to raise awareness about breast cancer. Exclusive at  Unidos por el Cancer

Find more notices and gifts  on Facebook:  
Enjoy ♥ Kisses 

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