19 octubre, 2015

Connecting with nature♥

Connecting with nature Connecting with nature

Skin * Hush * Amber2 - Makeup3 - Mocha* NEW!!

 Lipcolor - Hush * Amber4 - Mocha

Satin Painted Belted Skirt Blues* COPY/Resize*~HUDSON's* NEW!! Beautiful Satin Painted Boho Skirts done in Rich Fall Colors
available in 2  different color Combinations and divided up
into skirt and top packs for your preference.
Skirt packs include:
Belted Flexy Skirt with One Script Resizing
Under Pants Layer ( Glitch pants )
Panties Layer
Plus the Advanced Omega Applier Hud

Denim Side Slit Top MESH*COPY*~* HUDSON's* NEW!!

Hair * no.match_ ~ NO_COMMENT ~* Free!!  GROUPGIFT  (fee To Join)

Earrings* Persefona * Itaki Feathers* (blue) * 

Poses : Eternal Dream* Cleo* NEW!! Exclusive at  The Designer Circle
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