✓ Review Policy

I do thank you for your interest in asking me to review your creations and it'll be my pleasure to do.
 I love photography and this is why the creation of this blog.
-I love take pics about mesh heads, skins ,  make-up ,  fantasy clothes and role-play styles.

I'm not currently accepting more groups of bloggers, Sorry ♥♥ but If you like my work and you are interested in send me any particular design,  please read  this little guideline:

1- IMPORTANT!!!!  Please speak with me first before sending me anything. I do not wish to take advantage of your generosity.

2- If I accept publish and promote your creation and brand on my blog please:   Create a folder named “Review copies – [Shop name] and date“ with the items and a notecard including the following:
 ✓ Your name
Your store name
Landmark of your mainstore
URL where the item can be found in your store
Relevant information about the review items, such as availability, price, promo, etc...
A picture if possible.

➫ Please understand I only review what I feel fits my style and I mean no disrespect towards you and your work
➫Credits are always listed at the end of each post with respective landmarks.
I need time  time to do and edit the photos, always I trying to make your stuff look as wonderful as you created, I posting as fast as I can but I have RL too, please understand this ♥


Avatar Name in Second Life: Nayra31 Collas
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✉Flickr: Nayra Collas

 *This blog is not responsible for the end of promotion gifts ect*
Thank you designers for your interest and  for sharing your incredible talents with all of us

Love and Peace,
Blogger: Nayra31 Collas

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