25 noviembre, 2015


Dear sponsors, customers, fans, friends and visitors,
, I will be on vacation a few weeks, sorry for the inconvenience, see you soon! ;)
Much love
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Enjoy ♥

24 noviembre, 2015


New blog post my lovely friends^^ Credits coming soon ;)


Hair* .:EMO-tions:.* MEREDIth* NEW!! Exclusive at Cosmopolitan Sale Event
 -Roses Blow*  Noble Creations *
- Venere pauldron*  Noble Creations*
 - Venere Crown*  Noble Creations*
*Special Thanks to Medieval Fantasy Grier Crier  https://medievalsl.wordpress.com/
Skin  - Brielle - Hush  Makeup2 - Creamy
Shape* Pléyades
 LipColor - Hush*  RetroRed - Matte
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Enjoy ♥

23 noviembre, 2015

SteamPunk Style ♥

New Blog Post Credits Coming Soon ^^
Great journeys begin with small steps...


 Steam Lara - corset - 6* !gO!
 Steam Lara - skirt - 6*  !gO!
Hair* Exile::Looking Back  *   Exclusive at  We ♥ Role Play
   Pipe SteamPunk (Brown) RARE* [NikotiN] 
 Raven Collar & Necklace  Bronze.* Cellar Door*   Exclusive at  We ♥ Role Play
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Enjoy ♥

22 noviembre, 2015

A little of relax♥

Credits coming soon ;)

the importance of having peace with ourselves and peace with others to realize that it is most important if we want to build a better world. Being quiet means feel fully and be able to enjoy the things around us.


Hair* ERIKA*V1  .:EMO-tions:. 2 different versions* NEW!! 
matching bracelets*  .:EMO-tions:. * Boho style NEW!!
Dress - Belle Epoque * Jehanne * 
Skin .::WoW Skins::. 2016 Selia Bronze CL* with a new  Skin Applier  * Exclusive at  Kinky Event (starts 11/25)
Maitreya Body Mesh
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Enjoy ♥

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