25 mayo, 2012

*Kawala* "Naisha" NEW!

Outfit-"Naisha" new release in Kawala!, Naisha mean Special couse is a creation that unites two amazing and rich cultures, Arabian and Hindu.
 Naisha was created to give you the soft, feminine feeling that only velvet can give. Naisha features gold thread and previous stones that lend you a look of elegance and enhance your sensuality.
The gold jewellry features flowers picked out with precious stones such as rubies and sapphires
The magic of velvet combined with gold is superbly feminine and together wit the exquisite jewellry gives the whole look "that special touch".

*If  you  wear ur group tag  will receive a discount of 100 L with Naisha.
Plus like gift a lovely hair : blonde, red or black

GROUP IS FREE TO JOIN :  secondlife:///app/group/779d5421-6f16-b250-65fe-84511338646d/about

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