13 diciembre, 2012

* Chastity Belts & Slave Papers Carrier* new in Kawala!!

 Chastity Belts & Slave Papers Carrier* new !! Open Collar scripted. Allow change appearance: Hide /Show; gem color change, resize. Chastity belt Comes With RLV options and add owner(s) and lock
Papers Slave carrier, give a note with your documentation to whoever touches *Kawala* Marketplace

Feet* MESH TipToe Bare Feet  -Rigged *  Highly detailed MESH footwear with ultra realistic feet and skin textures Rigged and non Rigged.  *Kawala*
In marketplace too:

 Hair * Kristina [L] Christmas Black* free!!  Advent Calendar Gift -  Alice Project   [12 Dec]
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