20 abril, 2013

*Kawala*Jameelah Fetish Silk♥

Skin* Aisha* Barbie dark brow bisquit* free!! group gift  Al Vulo!

Hair* JESSICA */blackEmo-tions   

♥Outfit* Jameelah Fetish Silk ~Ivory* (more colours available: Coral and Jet) NEW!! . Seduce the eyes with this fetish costume.  Stretch fabrics bring a burst of eroticism as they cling to your figure and reveal it.  Enjoy the exquisite touch of glimmering threads, caressing your body.
Include: Two tops : naughty and modest, Thong or panty, Two LOLAS tango Top Applier : naughty and modest  ( wear naughty top if u think use LOLAS), Skirt, Jewelry Set : , Bangles, Anklets and Necklace based on the moon and five-pointed star talisman.  *Kawala*


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