07 mayo, 2013

:::: Sn@tch:::: Devani Tank ♥

Skin*Hush   Kirra - FlirtyGloss - Cream (lb)

Top *  Sn@tch    Devani Tank (Jade):::mesh  (More color available)* NEW!!

Pants* LMD Whisper Shorts Med Lime

Bangle*  Kawala  free!! HUNT Flower-Bangles Collection* There are 12 daisies hidden, find them and complete the set of 12  Bangles. Daisies  are scattered throughout the store, and it's up to you to find them! Just click them to receive the gift

"Para recibir el don de la felicidad el talante más adecuado es, pues, el desprendimiento: no estar prendido a nada, desprenderse de todo. La felicidad, como el pájaro libre, no está nunca en mano, sino siempre volando. Pero tal vez, con suerte y quietud por nuestra parte, se pose, por unos instantes, sobre nuestra cabeza"

"To receive the gift of happiness the most appropriate disposition is thus detachment: do not be turned on at all, let go of everything. Happiness, like the free bird, is never in hand, but always flying. But maybe, with luck and tranquility for our part, will pose, for a moment, over our heads"

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