09 junio, 2013

ArisAris* Roxane♥

Skin*  WoW Skins* GG June Nahla Darkt. CL* free!! group gift June (fee to join) 

Hair*  Emo-tions   * KARMA*/chocolate*

 Owl Necklace ~8 Metals/9 Colors~   Phoebe ~Piercings & more~

Spicy Hemp by   ASO! (anklet)

Outfit* ArisAris *  Roxane* NEW!! Cardigan an dress*Exclusive in Summer Fashion Festival*The Summer Fashion Festival gets together all the best designers in SL to celebrate the summer arrival. Fashion, skins, shoes, clothes, poses, hairs, furnitures, accessories and everything you can imagine will be released next summer. A full sim for watching the show, buying new items and taking the best gifts. You will find exclusive designs and also exclusive gifts in all stores for this event. Come and enjoy the summer arrival!

Poses :  No-wow 

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