06 junio, 2013

ArisAris*Summer Daisy White♥

Skin* WoW Skins  *GG June Nahla Darkt. CL* free!! group gift (fee to join)

Make up lips * WoW Skins  Nancy Orange lips

Hair* D!va Hair "Diva2" (Brown diamond)* free!!  group gift
Bikini*ArisAris *  Summer Daisy White*(available too in black) * NEW!! Exclusive in Summer Fashion Festival*The Summer Fashion Festival gets together all the best designers in SL to celebrate the summer arrival. Fashion, skins, shoes, clothes, poses, hairs, furnitures, accessories and everything you can imagine will be released next summer. A full sim for watching the show, buying new items and taking the best gifts. You will find exclusive designs and also exclusive gifts in all stores for this event. Come and enjoy the summer arrival!

Poses:  No-wow  

Necklace* Phoebe ~Piercings & more~ Owl Necklace ~8 Metals/9 Colors~ only 69L$ at  ~ Acid Lily Gallery ~ (week June3 - 9)
Owl Belly Piercing    Phoebe ~Piercings & more~  M ~8 Metals/9 Gems~ at  ~ Acid Lily Gallery ~ (week June3 - 9)

Tip Toe Bare Feets :: GROUP GIFTS   {kokoia}   for only $ 1L  which you can find on the dummy who sits on a chair!!

Bracelet *ASO!  Kyoto Chirimen Wishlet (ALL) This products from...♔ WA kyouto ♔
(1 June - 30 June) [Japanese Blog]: http://projrctpandk.slmame.com

Hemp by ASO! (anklet)
HairElasticDot(strawberry) ASO!
 Sunglasses-Jelly beans (coffee float) Soothe   6colors (chocomint, coolmint lemon, orange soda, cherry coke, strawberry chai, coffee float)unisex, copy, modify,  available at   Funny Puppet Fair (June 2- June 17) More than 20 shops are joining and selling special items. There is free item and 15L items!! enjoy♥

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