28 julio, 2013

Aggressione*Kiana* news and gift!!♥

Skin* Hush  * Addison - Bronzed - Cocoa (db)

Hair*  Emo-tions * CHLOE*/darkbrown* NEW!!

Dress and Shoes*Pic 1* -Kiana- White* NEW!! ( more colours available) with matching MESH sandals {9 colors} Shoes come with a HUD. PROMO LIMITED time: 99L each, 700L pack*   *Aggressione*

Dress and Shoes*Pic 2* Kiana - Brown-* free!! new gift for  limited time!!  *Aggressione*  * join Aggressione inworld group to get it, turn right to find the group gift board . Group : secondlife:///app/group/a12b00fe-9494-a2df-2e22-65995c76dbe1/about

 Focus Poses * On The Stairs :: NEW!!there are more than 10  beautiful , sexy and suggestive poses on the stairs with menu to adjust.

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