04 julio, 2013

Gypsy Spice Dress* HUDSON's ♥

Skin*  MOJO *  MEDA*past group gift (no available) sorry :(

Hair* Analog Dog Hair  tantrum house wine* free!! (inside blue balls)
Outfit * HUDSON's * Turquoise Gypsy Spice Dress Set* COPY/Resize* NEW!! is a gorgeous Mix of  Leather Corset from the Poet Series Done in a Deep Chocolate Brown Adorned with Turquoise Beaded Ties,over top a White Gathered Blouse with a Turquoise Beaded ,Chest Tie and Capped Short Sleeves,Match that up with a Spicy Chocolate/Turquoise Mixed Flexy Skirt with Belt and Adjustable Glitch Pants & Panties and you have one Spicy Gypsy :-)  This Set is Sold for $ 350L , I love it ♥

Art Nouveau Jewel Set* COPY/Resize* HUDSON's   Highly Detailed Art Nouveau Jewel Set. Made of Finely . Engraved Silver embellished with Amethyst. Prims have Removable One Script Resizing for best fitting. Set Includes: 1 Clasped Bracelet ,1 Bangle ,1 Dinner Ring NEW!!

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