05 julio, 2013

Kawala gift for Independence Day ♥

           In 2013, Kawala give you a new gift for Independence Day. There are a mini hunt(**June 22 12:00am SLT**July  31 11:59pm) SLT, object to search is a american flag , only 4 pieces in a hunt for complete your gift, Luck! ♥
This costume is a version of Rya Silks. With any changes .
Whit a funny effect when the items are touched for strip:
--- Fireworks sounds.
---  Special particles effects.
Plus It have a Baton for more fun when u dance with the silks. Type on local chat and baton will rotate or off if u wish stop it.
Tip: Find  four universal values  to learn to live

Enjoy ♥
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