24 agosto, 2013

HUDSON's Clothing Co* * Patches Gypsy Princess♥

Skin* [Jaden] - T - 06 -* NEW!!  Poudre

Hair*  Emo-tions Mainstore * CHLOE*/chocolate* 

Outfit* HUDSON's Clothing Co. * Patches Gypsy Princess Dress Set* COPY/Resize*
 With Modifiable parts and one Script  Resizers to  help fit  most avatars. Made of prims and sculpts no mesh, lol  the good old fashioned way that is on the rise in request includes.- Beautifully Hand Stitched Gypsy/peasant Blouse made of  2 part sculpts with One Script resizing and *NEW alpha layer for arm area for easier fitting-Black & Brown Combo  Leather Corset layer
 of the Poet Series with Flexy Bow Ties- Matching Panties for the  Hand Stitched Blouse-  Belted Flexy/Sculpt mixed Skirt with Modify  Glitch  pants.
Available in 2 package options : Complete Outfit  for 350L$,  Blouse N Corset with Panties Option for 225L$

Enjoy♥Hugs and Kisses♥

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