20 septiembre, 2013

*Kawala* Moroccan Gandora * New Group Gift!! ♥

Skin*  POUDRE  *NADIA - M - PSR - Only 75 L$ - available at  Pure Sale Room  18 ST / 31 TH SEPTEMBER -

Hair*  * CHLOE*/chocolate*  Emo-tions Mainstore

Outfit* Moroccan Gandora * All tones in 1. Use texture change HUD included.!! free!! GROUP GIFT* The influences of tradition and history are reflected in the clothes commonly worn by Moroccans. The “d’Jellaba” is a robe seen being worn by people throughout Morocco, and the “GANDORA”, which is a short-sleeved version, is another popular robe. Women wear Gandoras with detailed embroidery on them. KAWALA

Leather babuches*In promotions by    70$L  with same design. Limit time ,  Use texture change HUD included. KAWALA

Pose: Boho Set *  Focus Poses


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