28 septiembre, 2013

*Kawala* Shamsia - Chinesse Bellydance Costume Fusion ♥

Skin*  Vilda Exclusive makeup* LAQ ~

Shape* Siriia* Pléyades

Hair*  EMO-tions  * GAIA*/darkbrown* NEW!! at   Limited Bazaar

Outfit* Shamsia - Chinesse Bellydance Costume Fusion RED* NEW!!  *Kawala* fusing the styles of Bellydancers and Chinese folk dancers. 
Caress yourself with this sophisticated and sexy design that accentuates your femininity.
High resolution fabrics of brocade in gold, precious stones set on the top and skirt, plus jeweled armbands and chopsticks .
As a final touch to your performance, use the included umbrella and fans.
Comes in 4 colors : Red, Black, White and Aqua. Mesh desing  * Promotion(Just a few days to finalize)  $L 350    ( change to $L 500 out promotion)  *Kawala*


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