20 octubre, 2013

Arabian Nights* HUDSON's Clothing Co♥

Skin*  Hush * Emma - KissableBerries - Cream (mb)* NEW!! 

 Lipcolor - Lush Red - Gloss*   Hush *

Outfit* Arabian Nights Red Wine Silks*  HUDSON's Clothing Co. NEW!! If your Looking to look hot on Halloween take a peek
at our NEW Arabian Nights Ladies Silks, a Highly Detailed Silk Set made 
of finely Beaded silk. Complete Set Includes Bikini Top and Bottoms,
Flex/Sculpt Mixed Beaded Loin Cloth, Flexy silk Arm Bands and
Head Piece with Sculpt Decor,
Prim items come with one script Re-sizer for best fitting.
Colors include Red Wine, Ebony, Grape and Evening Blue along 
with our Past Silk Road Hunt gift of the Green If you did our last Silk road hunt you had a chance
at a free set. 

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♥Kisses enjoy♥

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