21 diciembre, 2013

ArisAris*Get In ~♥

vendor pois
Skin* Hush * Ivy - NightFire - Cream* NEW!!

Eyeliner - 03 Poudre

Collagen Lips V3 - Red* free!! group gift (free to join) Pink Acid

Hair*  little bones * Dalliance - Mousse* free!! group gift (past notice gift ,250L$  to join in group) 

Hair Band* spike bow  *POIS & STRIPES* NEW!!  Mag<3.B.

Outfit* Get In ~ ArisAris NEW!! Two tops lovely one lace and one of Tartan, and hot pant denim, very sexy and practical, to use any of the pieces with you what you like best

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♥Kisses enjoy♥

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