29 abril, 2014

Debra Event♥

Debra of America is a fundraising event to raise awareness for Epidermolysis Bullosa.  This worthy event will run until May 5th, 2014.  What is EB?  “Epidermolysis Bullosa, or EB, is a very rare genetic connective tissue disorder that affects 1 child out of every 20,000 births (that means about 200 children a year are born with EB). EB is actually a group of disorders that share a prominent manifestation of extremely fragile skin that blisters and tears from friction or trauma. Internal organs and bodily systems can also be seriously affected by EB. The list of secondary complications can be long and may require multiple interventions from a range of medical specialists. As of today, there is no cure or treatment. Daily wound care, pain management and protective bandaging are the only options available.”  That is just the beginning,  you can read more about it on the EB website…but really isn’t that enough to know you want to take part and do something?  I know I do and by being in Second Life and purchasing from the designers that have generously contributed their designs you will be contributing as well because 50%, 75% or even 100% off the proceeds could go to Debra of America!  There are also Donation Kiosks you can donate at!  There are so many events happening so be sure to read the website.  Debra is helping to set pain free and so can we.
Burdeyna Islands is the event sponsor ♥

                                                                   http://www.debra.org/  (donations can be made to the site or at the event)

EB Event Poster

Poses*  Focus Poses * Model Poses 132 * NEW!!
Jewelry* Designs by Sebastian * Babylon* Exclusive in Debra Event
Skin * *APS* DIVA SKINS -JOLIE- T3 * Exclusive in Debra Event
Dress*  Tube*  by Punky Chicks *Exclusive in Debra Event

Thank you a lot for all your time and support in this event ♥ Enjoy ♥
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