02 octubre, 2015

We ♥ Role Play coming soon !! ♥

We ♥ Role Play coming soon !! ♥
Sweet Temptation♥

Hello loves !! In a few days will  starts a new round from   We ♥ Role Play ,  Yayyy, I'm really excited because I am one of the official bloggers.  We ♥ Role Play  is a monthly fashion event within the community of SL for the geeks among us.  Designers are among the most reputable and popular ones in SL ♥  not to be missed! ;)
 My first post is dedicated to this beautiful dress  from!gO! ..... really beautiful, its textures, details of flowers, incredibly beautiful and delicate I fell in love when I saw ;) 
 This is only my first post to this special event, but heyy do not worry :D  because during these days will be showing you more designs for this quality  round of October ;)  If you are looking forward to seeing all the designs and all the information here is his Official Site ,  Flickr and Facebook 
 We ♥ Role Play  starts each month on the 4th at 3 PM SLT and lasts for the whole month. Enjoy and have a nice day ♥


Shape* Pléyades* Siriia * This shape is a Limited edition!! , so there's 15!! Shapes for Sale
Persefona Jenny Wreath (pink) Persefona
Dress* !gO! Goplana - vanilla * NEW!! Exclusive at We ♥ Role Play 
Hair*  [Entwined]   Ivy - Group   Gift 
Find more news on our facebook page

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