18 diciembre, 2015

BlueMoon enterprise in Peace On Earth Hunt 2015♥

BlueMoon enterprise in Peace On Earth Hunt 2015♥
Hello loves!! now that I'm back I do not want to forget the POE hunt ♥that every year has its place in second life during the holidays, in this post I show the magical  gift  of BME, a outfit  full of light, magic  like peace , wings included.
 I had the honor of taking the photo for this event thank you very much SolasNaGealai ♥
 enjoy it and not miss it!I  love this hunt and what it stands for.

Peace on Earth was created out of Sequoia’s heart for giving and peace… something she wanted to share with the whole of SL.  And it is with that same heart and spirit that we continue it this year, and years to come.
Tivi (Tiviyah Resident),POE 8 Creative/Technical Director


Outfit * Frost Fae* Gift! POE 8 Hunt * BlueMoon Enterprise
Hint: “To the back of the store, and up the steps times three. To ask the Gypsy, as she has what you need.”
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Enjoy ♥
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