07 junio, 2016

The key to the alchemist♥

the key to the alchemist♥ Pic 2 the key to the alchemist♥Pic 1
Skin *Hush *Jasmine Head Appliers - Honey
►Hair*NO.MATCH_NO.FOOLING. (f)*NEW!! Exclusive at ON9 Date: June 9 to 28
Steampunk Goggles* Noble Creations*NEW!!  Exclusive at We ♥ Role Play
Pauldrum* Yasum*Shoulder Armor*NEW!!  Exclusive at We ♥ Role Play
Coat*Yasum*Xena*Caramel*NEW!!  Exclusive at We ♥ Role Play
Boots*Yasum*Leather NEW!!  Exclusive at We ♥ Role Play
Leather Pants*Yasum*NEW!!  Exclusive at We ♥ Role Play
Bra*Yasum*Xena*NEW!!  Exclusive at We ♥ Role Play
►Belt* Alchemy Belt - *(Yummy) Brown*NEW!!  Exclusive at We ♥ Role Play
Necklace*Aztech Coin Necklace -(Yummy) Gold*NEW!!  Exclusive at We ♥ Role Play
►Tattoo* Gift!! Lucky Letter*  .::NanikA::.

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                           Map of We  Role Play*
We _3 Roleplay - Map for June

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