01 agosto, 2016

Open your wings and use them of new♥♥

Sin título

Skin *Hush *Jasmine Head Appliers - Creamy*
Outfit * Wisdom Angel* Atralia* The Gacha Garden *set is made of a lot of 3 RARE items and 13 commons. All the commons have an HUD to change the metal shade, the RARES can change also the feathers.After playing 25 times the gacha machine you will get a SPECIAL PRIZE! (not random)
This special prize contains the sceptre with full color HUD (metal and feathers) AND a special color HUD with 2 extra colors for all the pieces of the set (commons included): sky and lilac,
This Special HUD allows you also to reset all the pieces in the 4 original colors: black, red, white and pink.
Tattoo* * Endless Pain** Sleipnir-
.Charm. Kara Harnesses

Enjoy ♥
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