03 mayo, 2018

Fairy whisper♥♥

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 We♥Role Play is here !! ​The event opens on the 4th at 1pm slt!
The event is full of beautiful designs for your magic second life, here  you will find all the information
     This month you will find many gifts for the Fifth Anniversary ♥ Yayy!! don`t miss you :D
Fairy Hat & Hair*FANTAVATAR & MOONSTRUCK* NEW!!at  We♥Role Play
 Light - Touch the bulb to activate or deactivate light
Outfit* Top panties and wings bento*Whispering Wind *Entice *NEW!!at  We♥Role Play
Flower Gazebo*{YD}Woodland*NEW!!at  We♥Role Play
Shino Shin Shinon Tattoos*Stardust*NEW!!at  We♥Role Play
Pose*Fighting Dance*FDf16m*Body Language Sweet Lovely Cute*NEW!!at  We♥Role Play
Enjoy ♥
Follow us and you  find more news on our facebook page !!here--> Rumbo Second Life Fan Page Facebook

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