04 julio, 2018

Devils Throne ♥♥

We♥Role Play Preview July 2018

 We♥Role Play is here !! ​The event opens on the 4th at 1pm slt!
The event is full of beautiful designs for your magic second life, here  you will find all the information
Skin Applier**YS&YS* Drew Skin Applier for Catwa * NEW!!at  We♥Role Play
Weapon*!LR AXE - Vanaheim Axe *NEW!!at  We♥Role Play
Outfit*Cellar Door Anubis*NEW!!at  We♥Role Play
Midgard Necklace*Amacci Jewelry*NEW!!at  We♥Role Play
►Head ornament*Zibska ~ Radi [no trans] ~ *NEW!!at  We♥Role Play
Eyes* ANATOMY - Dragon Eyes - *NEW!!at  We♥Role Play
Tattoo* [White~Widow] Lolita - Red *NEW!!at  We♥Role Play
Devils Throne - Ash {A}*Unorthodox Underworld *NEW!!at  We♥Role Play
Enjoy ♥

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