08 junio, 2015


Skin* Poudre *Dia Reddish -Free!! Exclusive Gift - Includes: 6 Skin Tones (Ivory - Pale - Medium - Sunkiss - Tan - Dark)5 Brows Options (Blond - Red - Brown - Dark - No Brows) Cleavage and No Cleavage Options. and Shape Modifiable

 .::WoW Skins::. Lolita Black eyebrows B/DT

Shape*Pléyades* Siriia

Hair*.:EMO-tions:. * ASHANTI *  @  ON9  (opens June 9th)

 GaRa0 Odyssey Jakets~* ArisAris *Hud textures Change* NEW!!

Skirt* Jinx(DD) Sibyl *Hud Textures Change* NEW!! 
Find more notice in
Enjoy and thank you for you visit , kisses 

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