02 julio, 2022

Summer 2022


A little about the capabilities of HUD:

• Can store a large number of challenges

• Has six options for facial animation with different moods and the ability to turn it off

• Has a realistic lipsing function

• Has the ability to create an unlimited number of poseballs for you and your friends

• Has self-location/rotation function for poseballs at your request

• Adapted for thin and curvy bodies

• Has a passe-partout function for TikTok format

• Gives a link to the music for each challenge.

• The ability to delete old challenges

• And much more that you can find out in the manual by clicking on the question mark "?" on the HUD

Or follow this link (MANUAL): https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1Y-GkHhY0RYFuOj2kZ4Cy3asnv_zwRUWs?usp=sharing

Bella Crochet Beach Set :
This set includes so many styles per pack! Available in 35 colors (10 ombre). Legacy + Perky, Maitreya + Petite, ebody Reborn.  NEW!!  at  Dubai Event
Eyes**IKON* Group Gift

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